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We have been working in the world of digital communication and web development, providing our partners with our box of knowledge and experience, since 2008.

Thinking outside the box: a vision that takes the form of an approach and then a mission, encouraging us to look beyond the usual in search of the right solution to the customer’s needs.

Creativity and technology are not goals for us – they’re drivers that help us create projects oriented to quality and performance. Our team analyses, works and tests, creating integrated strategies that suit your business and easily adaptable to market changes.

Relationship, mobility, involvement, insight, content: these are your challenges, and we are ready to face them for you.
Change the way you talk and innovate, open our box.

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Our business’s added value lies within our people

    Simone Carusi
  • matteo pogliani
    Matteo Pogliani
    CMO & Head of Digital
    Viola Periccioli
    Sara Rossi
    Project & Social Media Manager
    Fiammetta Ciabattini
    Project & Influencer Marketing Manager
    Rina Trotta
    Project Manager
    Daniele Mu
    Project Manager
    Ginevra Parri
    Project & Content Manager
    Arianna Livi
    Project Manager & Customer Care Specialist
    Chiara Bettoni
    Project Manager
    Chiara Firli
    Junior Project Manager
    Valerio Ronchi
    Head of Performance Marketing
    Saverio Palazzo
    Social Media Specialist
    Eleonora Verdolini
    Social Media Specialist
    Francesca Aprea
    Social Media Specialist
    Anna Di Prima
    Social Media Specialist
    Giovanni Pone
    Social Media Specialist
    Margherita Ruggiero
    Junior Social Media Specialist
  • francesco ambrosino
    Francesco Ambrosino
    Content & Inbound Marketing Specialist
    Sara Daniele
    Content & Inbound Marketing Specialist
    Niccolò Cioni
    English Content Specialist
    Federica Lassandro
    Influencer Marketing Specialist
    Elisa Ceccherini
    Influencer Marketing Specialist
    Alessia Fabbri
    Influencer Marketing Specialist
    David Basagni
    Art Director
    Martina Mealli
    Graphic Designer
    Giulia Sacchetti
    Graphic Designer
    Giulia Fabbroni
    Graphic Designer
    Beatrice Gheri
    Graphic Designer
    Jacopo Paoletti
    Partner & Advisor
    Anita Likmeta
    Public Relation
    Andrea Badii
    Developer – Responsabile sviluppo e compliance
    Maurizio Frustoni
    Developer – Responsabile sviluppo
    Gianluca Farinelli
    Andrea Taddeucci
    Junior Developer
    Francesco Cerofolini
    Junior Developer

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