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The Chianti Wine Consortium was founded in 1927 as one of the first associations of wine producers in Italy, with the mission of protecting and promoting Chianti D.O.C.G. wine. Today, it involves around 3,000 companies that produce an average of 100 million bottles each year.

Openbox developed an annual Influencer Marketing campaign in Russia, to let a mix of influencers tell the story of the Brand, its mission, and the excellence of the Chianti Wine Consortium (Consorzio Vino Chianti).

Strengthen the brand and promote made in Italy in the russian market with influencer marketing



The objective of the campaign was to strengthen awareness by giving qualitative and across-the-board visibility to the Brand, increasing the guarantee of quality and certainty of origin of the wines promoted and protected by the Consortium, while reinforcing the perception of the Made in Italy label.


For the campaign, 10 Russian influencers from different sectors were engaged and selected according to a data-driven approach based on their affinity with the Brand and ability to generate interaction. Wine experts, food bloggers and lifestyle creators, each with their own TOV and style, told the story of the Consortium, its mission, and its products through a series of contents created during the year (a total of 52 posts and 60 sets of stories).

The posts were required to show the excellence of the product, with an emotive and involving role. The stories had an educational purpose, presenting the Consortium, its history and philosophy, its activities, and its products. To create the content, the creators were given a special “Chianti Lovers Kit”, a limited-edition box containing bottles of wine and branded gadgets, all study and work tools to become perfect #ChiantiLovers!

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