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“From the sea to the city”. This describes the essence of the new image of Nautica, an international fashion Brand, which makes the most of social and influencer marketing. Timex Group, the company that distributes Nautica's line of timepieces, chose us to set up a project with international Instagrammers to promote the visibility of the new models and highlight this new "route" for the Brand.

Mexico and Italy were the countries involved in which we selected those influencers most closely related to the Brand, focusing on the quality of the content and on creating a metropolitan mood.

Synergy with selected influencers to generate Brand awareness and encourage Brand repositioning



To provide the Company with quality content from influencers and their communicative skills to give visibility to the Brand and a new, urban, and cosmopolitan mood to the new collection.

The Instagrammers were given maximum freedom of expression to create credible content in perfect harmony with their style and audience. Not “simple” advertising, therefore, but a story told through images that could best express the essence of Nautica and its watches.

A notable plus was the use of the hashtag #sponsored to transparently highlight the brand-influencer collaboration, as no relationship can be born without a certain degree of ethics and honesty.


A total of 4 Instagrammers for Italy and 3 for Mexico, identified and selected to embody the Brand with their images. Priority will be given to influencers from the world of travel and lifestyle, who best convey the essence of yachting.


Marko Morciano
David Pinto
Manuela Vitulli
Laura Masi


Alam Leyva
Alex Tienda
Vicky Navarro

It thus involved a selective process based on the quality of the content and its ability to engage users and convey affinity between them and the Brand.


While the main aim was to create a visual storytelling path that would convey the new essence of Nautica and express its mood, data was also instrumental. Users responded to the influencers’ posts with a good degree of involvement and appreciated the philosophy behind the project and the content created.

This translates into visibility of the new line, but above all into a first step on the path towards bringing the Brand and the user closer. A path of interaction.

  • +340.000
    Organic interactions
  • +514.000
    Unique users reached
  • +2.400.000


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