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Tommee Tippee

Tommee Tippee is an international Brand specialised in products for children in their early years. The products are “smart” and innovative and can respond intelligently to the needs of parents and children.

Openbox was tasked with the creation of an influencer marketing strategy useful for conveying the international campaign #missionparents and conveying the Brand's mission: to support and sustain those who are facing the hardest job in the world, namely parenting.

Influencers to tell the story and increase the credibility of Brands and products



To increase the visibility and knowledge of Tommee Tippee products in the Italian and Spanish markets, highlighting the fact that they are totally innovative compared to their competitors. Products are designed to intelligently meet the needs of parents and children. A real challenge for parents to whom Tommee Tippee offers daily support. A #parentmission to be told through the credibility of influencers who are new mothers or close to giving birth and therefore absolutely on target.


Given the type of product and campaign concept, it was essential to select creators who could truly represent the users at whom the campaign was aimed. We did not just settle for influencers involved in the world of ‘mothers’, but selected profiles of new and expectant mothers, in other words people who are really in touch with the needs and problems of the campaign.

16 profiles for Italy and 11 for Spain, involved in a story through Instagram posts and Stories.


The data-driven and highly targeted selection and the quality of the content generated produced significant results.

  • +645.000
    Unique users reached
  • +54.000
    Interactions generated
  • +4.000.000
    Stories view
  • +6.800
  • € 1,75
  • € 1


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