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FAIST Group was founded in Italy in 1978 and now has more than 30 offices worldwide. The company operates as a production partner for some of the world's most important companies, providing them with vertical expertise and innovative technologies.

Openbox has the role of managing all the Group's communication activities, operating as a true in-house office. In addition to online activities (content marketing, social media, monitoring of online reputation) and offline activities (corporate presentations and graphics), there are also dedicated projects such as the Corporate Social Responsibility project.

Particular attention is paid to internal communication to enhance the value of resources and emphasise the sense of belonging, which is crucial in a group involving countries with such different cultures and lifestyles.

Giving voice and communicative coherence to an international holding company


Social media

Social networks have also become essential channels for B2B as well as touchpoints for the various stakeholders. Also for the FAIST Group, the time had come to control them. For this reason, we have activated the Facebook page, starting a content activity that can best tell the story of FAIST and its many facets. The approach is totally conversation-oriented and, thanks to graphic and essential posts, becomes a vehicle for engaging employees and outsiders.

For LinkedIn, on the other hand, we adapted the FAIST ecosystem, creating the Holding’s page and adapting those of the 5 Business Units. This step was essential to make the experience of anyone searching for FAIST in this social network positive and, above all, useful.

Also on LinkedIn, great importance was attached to content and its ability to convey the expertise of FAIST.

Still on LinkedIn, significant lead generation projects were carried out through Sales Navigator.


The ethical approach and the desire to create shared value has been a key guiding principle of the FAIST Group since its inception, and this desire also has an impact on communication activities, leading us to engage and interact closely with all stakeholders.

Numerous activities have been carried out: the new code of ethics, the internal newsletter on sustainability issues, and dedicated projects for local communities, all part of a commitment that is and will continue to be essential and distinguishing characteristic of the Group.

Data analytics

Knowing your target, market and competitors well is crucial to improving your performance, including communication skills. Data and analytics can become the basis for increasing and improving a strategy, provided the right approach is applied.

Through dedicated tools Openbox extracts, analyses and provides FAIST Group with useful elements, which become a valuable resource.


Evolving is a fundamental and necessary step to respond to the different needs of customers and the market. In 2018, for its 40th anniversary, FAIST promoted its own reBranding, changing all the visual and communicative elements.

The logo, coordinated material, pay-off and a revised mission were the cornerstones of a new image for FAIST that was closer and more in keeping with the company as it is today.

Openbox had the task of managing this transition and supporting the various plants in the change of materials (signs, uniforms, communication material), amongst other things. We set up a project to create some publicity about this important evolution and, through FAIST’s digital assets, to explain the choices that led to the rebranding, with the aim of sharing and outlining each step in the best possible way.


For some time now, the focus of FAIST Group on the automotive world has positioned it as a major player on the international stage. This positioning is not always as evident as it should be and led to the creation of dedicated projects and campaigns in 2019.

In important and carefully selected European trade publications, we have created messages capable of creating awareness, but above all to emphasise FAIST’s role in this specific market.

Creative graphics and concrete copy form the basis of advertising, demonstrating that even in B2B, communication does not necessarily have to be dull.


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